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一. Installation and Commissioning:
The client can appoint 1-2 persons to come to this factory for receiving machine operation training for 1-5 days before machine delivery;
2. After new machine arrives at your factory, technicians will come to site for providing installation and commissioning free of charge and will provide training and simple failure instruction for operators.

二. Repair and Maintenance:
1. Guarantee period for the complete machine will be one year. If there is any problem during normal operation within the guarantee period, this Company will be responsible for fast repair service free of charge. However, if machine failure is caused by external factors or improper operation by Party A, then the client shall pay material cost and travel cost.
2.The client shall undertake material cost and travel cost occurred in guarantee beyond the guarantee period.

三. After-sale Service:
1. Files will be prepared for new and old machines for clients and repair for oil pressure machines manufactured by other factories will be provided.
2. Perfect after-sale service is an important safeguard for the client, and we will provide service at call.

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