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Computer-controlled automatic monochrome melamine machine

Applicable products: applied to single-color products produced by melamine, urea, bakelite, fiber and other thermosetting materials.
Machine characteristics: PLC control system, simple operation, multifunctional, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.
The machine has the smooth motion and no noises, and the slow and quick speed can be adjusted freely.
The main structure accords with 3D mechanical design and is safe and firm.

Machine model(Type) 150Ton 200Ton 250Ton 300Ton 450Ton
Power output (Ton) 150 200 250 300 450
Stroke(A mm) 500 600 600 600 600
Stroke(B mm)   400   400 400
Working platform(A mm) 600X650 720X720 720X720 800X900 800X800
Main cylinder diameter(B mm)   600X650   720X720 720X720
Motor(mm) 310 350 400 430 525
Motor(HP) 7.5HP-6P 10HP-6P 10HP-6P 10HP-6P 10HP-6P
Maximum pressure(Kg/cm) 210 210 210 210 210
Machine weight(Ton) 3.5T 4.3T 4.5T 6.8T 8.5T
Machine dimension(mm)
1900*1500*2400 2080X1500X2600 2080X1500X2600 2300X1500X2600 2450X1700X2850

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